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Hand-made rear luggage carrier

BMW R25 Restoration – Step by step

IMAG0499Handmade luggage carrier will be base for side cases and top case.

During assembly I recognized my client’s need for improved rear luggage carrier (gepacktrager). He wants to be stronger than original and to be able to carry side bags and potentially to have larger luggage net on top of it.

BMW R25 new electrical net and CDI

BMW R25 restoration – step by step

IMAG0178 (702 x 1256)Workshop during electrical part if restoration  

After many discussions and reading related articles I finally decided to abandon old 6V electric shema based on Noris ZLZ 45/60. There are my reasons. First of all, I dont like small output power for low/high beam. Also I would like to be prepared for implementation of turn signal lights (In case of change of homologation and regulation rules). Because our registration authorities doesn’t insist on any battery powered lights with engine off I decided to create new electrical net and to use Powerdynamo system in configuration without battery.

BMW R25 Fuel tank restoration

BMW R25 restoration – step by step

IMAG0204Fuel tank restoration If you remember my first blog, on the bike I had fuel tank from R25/3 model. After I sold it, I bought another one from R25/2 in very bad condition and decided to rework it to my R25/0 standard. Concerning its overall bad condition that was a long shot decision, but I finally done it. It is water/fuel proof and it looks like original one.

BMW R25 Wheels restoration

BMW R25 restoration – step by step

uvodnaBMW R25 wheels restoration

On the bike I have found wheels from R25/2 engine with small difference in bearing covers which are not secured with “zeger”.

Fortunately, with the bike I bought also original wheels (in parts), so I combined original wheel center parts with better rims (from four rims I had on my disposition) and new spokes to create a new wheels.

Art of turning

BMW R25 restoration – step by step

Art of turning

 While waiting other parts to be prepared for blogging I have collected few photos of turning items. Instead of buying things, I like another access – DIY!

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